Community Service Officer/Animal Control

Officer with owl

The Fishers Police Department is responsible for Animal Control in the City of Fishers. The Community Service Officer (CSO) is the primary officer to handle animal control details and is the liaison to the Humane Society for Hamilton County. In addition to the CSO, uniformed officers are frequently dispatched to animal complaints in the City of Fishers.

The City of Fishers has an ordinance in place to provide guidance and restrictions for residents in the City of Fishers. The Police Department attempts to educate residents using the ordinance and frequently meets with residents to make sure compliance is being met. A violation of the ordinance could result in a fine or a citation in the City of Fishers Court.

The most common complaint continues to center around animals running at large. There are typically three categories of animals running at large:  

  • those that are intentionally permitted to run;
  • those that accidentally get loose and are able to run; 
  • and stray animals.  

We also receive nuisance complaints that include: 

  • animals that bark all hours of the day/night;
  • welfare checks of animals;
  • and animals that create hygiene/health concerns on the property.  

The department also receives several complaints per year on non-domesticated animals as well.

 Fishers Police Department contracts with the Humane Society for Hamilton County to house animals that are impounded, are held for safe keeping, in need of medical attention, etc. 

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