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Sworn Police Officer
Position Type: Full-Time

Salary Range: $51,175.00 - $64,334.00

Location: Fishers Police Department

Position Description

The purpose of this position is to provide ongoing police services to the people within the city limits of Fishers. However, this position is very complex and requires the officer to make decisions, take action and perform processes which are frequently made under conditions of extreme stress. The officer responds to dispatch calls covering a variety of areas where an officer might be needed. These dispatch calls are received by the officer in the police car over a two way radio. Only one officer is in a car. The types of situations an officer may need to respond to are varied. In addition, the officer engages in patrolling the general area of the City of Fishers and performs duties as it relates to traffic enforcement. This activity is of an on-going nature and is what the officer will generally do when not responding to calls from the dispatcher. Furthermore, the officer fulfills the administrative and judicial functions of the position and is required to attend all training functions sponsored by the department as ordered by a superior officer to improve or maintain his/her skills in a particular area.

The physical agility test and written exam will take place on April 14, 2018 at Fishers Junior High school. The physical agility test will take place in the morning. Start times will vary based on last names and more specific information will be given at the beginning of April to those applicants that qualify to advance in the process. The written exam will take place in the afternoon of April 14, 2018 and once again more specific information will be given at the beginning of April to those applicants who qualify to advance in the process. Please take note of the date and make proper arrangements as this will be the only testing date available.

In an effort to assist all applicants in this hiring process, we will host a practice physical agility test on Saturday March 3, 2018. The goal of this practice session is to help those individuals that feel they may need help and/or receive an accurate assessment of how they will perform during the official test that will take place in April. This session is intended only for those applicants that have legitimate concerns about their ability to pass the physical agility test. We are limiting spots for the practice test to 50 applicants so please do not take the spot from someone with a legitimate concern if you know you will pass the test. Due to the fact that this is not an official test your scores will not be recorded. You will still be required to pass the official physical agility exam in order to continue in this process. If you are interested in participating in the practice test on March 3, 2018 contact Officer Shawn Wynn by email or at 317-595-3351 by February 23, 2018.

All applicants not selected in this process will be eligible to re-apply in our next hiring process.

Examples of Duties

  1. Prepares reports - maintains records of activities; writes narrative reports; keeps data logs; ensures secure maintenance of records.
  2. Maintains operational records – collects job relevant data and compiles information in an organized fashion according to department procedures.
  3. Uses computers - enters data into computer; utilizes computer software; retrieves information stored in computer format.
  4. Conducts investigation of criminal activity – gathers facts, draws conclusions and analyzes information relevant to incidents of criminal activity.
  5. Collects/searches for evidence at crime scene – gathers and preserves evidence at crime scenes; secures crime scene and detains witnesses.
  6. Conducts surveillance operations – observes activities of criminal suspects in either an open or surreptitious and secretive manner.
  7. Documents crime scene – sketches, photographs, makes audio recordings, or writes observations and information relevant to crime scene.
  8. Testifies in court - consults with attorneys and orally presents information during court hearings.
  9. Interviews witness and suspects – questions members of the public about events which surround criminal activity; methods for gathering information may include support interview techniques as well as more confront interrogation methods.
  10. Operates vehicle under emergency conditions – drives department issued motor vehicle under various and potentially adverse or emergency conditions.
  11. Makes arrests – takes legal control of criminal suspects; may need to exercise reasonable force to control resistant suspects.
  12. Serves warrants – presents legal papers to members of the public.
  13. Handles hostile contacts – responds to angry and argumentative members of the public in a manner which complies with department regulations; exerts reasonable force if required to control resistant suspects.
  14. Pursues fleeing suspects – chases and subdues suspects who flee; may be required to run or operate a vehicle in an emergency manner.
  15. Reports to emergency scenes – responds to dispatch or calls from the public and provides emergency services as required by an incident.
  16. Performs duties related to traffic enforcement – enforces vehicle traffic regulations; observes traffic conditions and issues traffic citations for infractions.
  17. Operates firearms – qualifies with department issued firearms; maintains weapon and utilizes firearm according to department regulations.
  18. Answers media questions – meets with members of the press and answers questions or provides information about individual situations or department activities when ordered to do so by superior officers.
  19. Interacts with the public – meets members of the public; attends public meetings; responds to questions and complaints raised by members of the public.
  20. Maintains liaisons with other agencies - meets with representatives for other agencies to share information and coordinate activities.
  21. Utilizes police radio – uses department radio to communicate with dispatch and other department members.
  22. Applies emergency first aid – applies life saving first aid or other emergency medical operations to injured individuals which awaiting additional medical assistance.
  23. Maintains personal appearance – maintains personal grooming and dress according to department regulations.
  24. Communicates with other members of department - attends meetings, works well with others, communicates with other officers.
  25. Attends training sessions – attends lectures, classes and other training experiences as required by department regulations.
  26. Attends work – arrives for duty in a punctual and work ready fashion.
  27. Maintains equipment – ensures that equipment needed to perform job is in a clean and operational state.
  28. Accepts supervision- works cooperatively with members of higher rank; accepts direction and follows orders.
  29. Participates in department meetings – attends meetings, listens, and makes contributions that are helpful and task oriented.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Shall possess a valid Indiana driver's license (or obtain one within 60 days of becoming an Indiana resident) and have no more than eight active points 
  • Shall be a U.S. citizen 
  • Shall be at least 21 years of age and not have reached 36 years of age by date of appointment.  The maximum age limit is 40 years and 6 months if you are a veteran with 20 years of service.  Veterans include those who were previously in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or the Indiana National Guard.
  • Shall be drug-free and have no convictions for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs 
  • Shall not have a conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated or with a blood alcohol content of .08% or above 
  • Shall have no felony convictions 
  • Shall have no convictions of any Class A misdemeanor
  • Shall have no convictions for selected Class B misdemeanors. 
    • The Chief of Police will make the final decision regarding disqualification in this area.
  • Shall not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence 
  • Shall not have been dishonorably discharged from the military 
  • Shall be a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate 
  • Shall not have used an illegal drug in the last three years
  • Shall meet or exceed Indiana Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Exit Standards, which are:
    • 29 sit-ups in 1 Minute
    • 25 pushups (untimed)
    • At least a 16" vertical jump
    • 1.5 mile run in 16 minutes 28 seconds
    • 300 meter run in 71 seconds
Steps in the Hiring Process

Step 1 On-Line Application
Step 2 Physical Fitness Testing
Step 3 Entry Level Written Examination
Step 4 Oral Interview
Step 5 Personal History Statement
Step 6 Pre-Background Interview
Step 7 Command Staff Review
Step 8 Background Investigation
Step 9  Command Staff Review
Step 10 Executive Command Staff Interview
Step 11 Conditional Offer of Employment
Step 12 Polygraph
Step 13 Psychological Examination
Step 14 Medical Examination
Step 15 Local Pension Board Approval
Step 16 State PERF Acceptance
Step 17 Chief's Final Review
Step 18 Employment Offer-One year probation
Step 19 Successful Completion of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
Step 20 Successful Completion of the Field Training & Evaluation Process

Physical Fitness Testing

The following physical fitness standards are required by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and the Fishers Police Department. The tests are pass/fail and must be successfully completed to continue in the hiring process. It is in your best interest to prepare for the physical fitness test.

Test Standard Requirement

1. 1 Minute Sit-ups 29 minimum
2. Pushups 25 minimum
3. Vertical Jump 16 inches
4. 1.5 Mile Run 16 minutes 28 seconds
5. 300 Meter Run 71 seconds

Description of test

1. Minute Sit-ups: Applicant starts by lying on their back, knees bent, heels flat on the floor, fingers laced and held behind their head. During the sit-up, the applicant in the up position must touch their elbows to their knees, then return until their shoulder blades touch the floor.
2. Pushups: Hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with fingers pointed forward. Starting from the up position (elbows extended, only hands and feet touching the floor) the back must remain straight at all times. The applicant must lower their body to the floor until their chest touches the administrator’s fist. The applicant then returns to the up position. This is one repetition.
3. Vertical Jump: Applicant stands with one side against the wall and reaches up as high as possible to mark their standard reach. Applicant jumps as high as possible and marks the highest point of their jump by touching a measuring stick. The applicant may only move one foot prior to the jump and must jump from both feet. The arms may thrust upward. Measurement is the total inches above the standard reach point.
4. 1.5 Mile Run: Applicant Runs or walks for a distance of 1.5 miles in 16 minutes 28 seconds or less.
5. 300 Meter Run: Applicant runs for 300 meters in 71 seconds or less.

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy has created a video showing or explaining each of the five physical fitness tests. The video shows you exactly how you need to perform the tests in order to pass. View the video.