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Planning & Zoning
Current Planning & Plan Review
The Department of Community Development reviews petitions for new development and redevelopment within Fishers’ planning area. The planning area includes both incorporated and unincorporated Fall Creek Township as well as the historic center of Fishers in Delaware Township.

All petitions for review require a pre-filing meeting with Staff.

When a petitioner seeks to become part of Fishers’ incorporated area, an application for annexation must be filed. Staff will walk the petitioner through the notification and approvals process with the Council.

Improvement Location Permits
Construction activity in Fishers, including homes, businesses, industries, and subdivisions, must be approved through the Improvement Location Permit process. Staff reviews the petitioner’s plans to ensure compliance with the ordinances, codes, and policies of Fishers.

Primary & Secondary Plats
Platting is necessary when land is being subdivided for development. The primary plat establishes the layout of rights-of-way, land uses, and general site amenities while the secondary plat establishes the limits of the individual lots and any restrictions placed on those lots.

Planned Unit Developments & Text Amendments
Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) are a mechanism to create a custom, unique zoning district that responds to individual project concerns and constraints. These developments are often applied to residential neighborhoods and commercial developments. Text amendments are necessary when the standards of the PUD are to be changed or revised.

The overall design, location, and illumination of sign are reviewed by the Department of Community Development as part of the sign permitting process. All permanent signage and most temporary signage must be approved though this process.

Technical Advisory Committee
The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a group that consists of Fishers’ planning, engineering, and fire staff as well as representatives of County offices and local utility companies. This group meets once a month to discuss petitions for plan review with the petitioner.

Zoning regulates what types of structures are built, how they are built, and where they get built. Petitioners seeking to change the use of their property often have to seek a rezone.