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Commercial Developments
Getting Started
Fishers has three commercial zoning districts and one industrial district. Commercial and industrial uses and buildings follow the same process and procedures. Each district has its own unique zoning standards.

The first step is determining what your existing zoning district allows in terms of uses, intensity, building sizes, etc. The complete commercial and industrial zoning standards are compiled in a zoning ordinance, called the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). During your initial due diligence you will want to focus on the bulk standards which are located in Article 2 of the UDO.

If your property is zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD), each PUD Ordinance will include a list of permitted uses and development standards.

Another important factor to consider early in the process is the availability and proximity of utilities. Especially vital utilities are water and sanitary sewer service because of the cost of construction of those utilities. Please see our water and sanitary service map for more information.

Next Steps
Below is a link to our complete application packet, along with other important information. Once you have reviewed this packet, please contact the Community Development Department staff.