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Public Relations

  1. #AroundFishers

    Submit photos from your outings #AroundFishers for a chance to be featured in Think Fishers!

  2. #LoveFishers

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we thought we’d take this opportunity to learn why you love your city. While we think... More…

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  6. Town Talk Submissions

    Town Talk is interactive, and we’d like to hear from our readers. You may send stories, story ideas and photographs that may be... More…

  1. #AskFishers

    We answer questions every day about all things Fishers via private messages, posts and mentions on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We... More…

  2. #StigmaFreeFishers

    Show your support for those struggling with mental health in our community by sharing your pledge to be stigma free.

  3. Schedule a Visit to City Hall
  4. StigmaFreeFishers Ambassador

    Show your support for those struggling with mental health in our community, sign up to be a StigmaFreeFishers Ambassador.

  5. The Future of My Fishers - Essay Submission

    Please submit an essay of no more than 400 words and a photo (headshot or appropriate action photo of yourself in town). Copyediting... More…

  6. Volunteer Spotlight