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Board-up Service Registration Form

  1. Board-up Service Company Requirements

  2. 1. Complete an annual registration packet. (Packet must include contact information, a signed copy of this form, and other documentation as listed below.)

  3. 2. Maintain written evidence of criminal background checks completed by an approved third-party entity within the last twelve (12) month period for each employee working on any phase of a project referred by Fishers Fire & Emergency Services

  4. a. All background checks and reports must be made available to police and fire personnel upon request.

  5. b. No employee who has any felony conviction, a misdemeanor conviction relating to theft, larceny, fraud, deceptive practice, or similar related offense may provide services on a project.

  6. c. If an owner, principal, or employee is found not to have a current background check on file or an unsatisfactory background check report, the company will be removed from the rotation list and will be liable for any associated losses. (NOTE: A statement of completion listing each individual that has been cleared by name must be provided in the registration packet.)

  7. 3. All vehicles must be marked with the company name and/or logo. All employees will present a company ID with photo and a state-issued driver’s license or photo ID to the on-scene Incident Commander.

  8. 4. No company will be allowed on a fire or disaster scene unless it has been requested by the building owner or contacted by Fishers Fire & Emergency Services. Companies found chasing fires will be removed from the rotation list.

  9. 5. Board-up companies must have the ability to provide associated services upon request, including winterization.

  10. 6. Companies participating in the rotation list shall hold Fishers Fire & Emergency Services and all employees, and officials of the foregoing harmless and indemnified against any denied claims, costs, wages, charges, or materials incurred by the company in providing services to an incident referred by Fishers Fire & Emergency Services. A company’s inclusion on the rotation list does not constitute a contract between the company and Fishers Fire & Emergency Services.

  11. 7. Board-up service representatives must arrive on-scene with sixty (60) minutes of being contacted unless a longer ETA is provided and approved through the Incident Commander at the time of the initial contact.

  12. 8. Each Board-up company will complete work in a timely and efficient manner.

  13. 9. Each Board-up company will disclose any and all DBA (doing business as, or alias) names the company does business under.

  14. 10. Failure to meet any of the above-stated requirements may result in the termination of referral services and a suspension of at least one (1) full year before any reinstatement will be considered.

  15. 11. All companies shall annually submit their price list for services offered. This price list shall include, but is not limited to, hourly rates, package rates, equipment charges, materials, and the like.

  16. I have read and agree to the above requirements.*

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