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  1. Board-up Service Registration Form
  2. Educational Services and Tour Requests

    Please use this form when scheduling with the Fire Department, including visits to the fire house and educational classes.

  3. Home Day Care Notification to Fire Department

    Meet your annual requirement to report your Day Care to the fire department.

  4. New Business Registration/Current Business Information Update

    Register your new or relocated business with Fishers Fire and Emergency Services. This will ensure we have emergency contact... More…

  1. Citizens Fire Academy
  2. Fire Corps Application

    This form is intended for civilian's willing to volunteer their time and effort to the Fishers Department of Fire and Emergency... More…

  3. Inspection Check List For School Programs

    This form should be filled out by school personnel in preparation for convocation/large group gatherings. It is required the day of... More…

  4. Smoke Detector Request Form