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Keep Fishers Beautiful - Neighborhood Blitz - Individual Project Needs' Certification

  1. The Keep Fishers Beautiful Neighborhood Blitz aims to strengthen overall neighborhood property values, pride, and community connectedness by assisting with small projects at individual homes. To be considered for volunteer assistance and additional supplies, homeowners must demonstrate at least one of the following criteria: income constraint, mobility challenges, military status (veteran or deployed head(s) of household or household), family status (single parent/caregiver?), and/or age 55 or better. Applications will be considered by a committee of City of Fishers staff and select Fishers residents, and they will not be shared beyond the committee. Discretion and professionalism will be upheld in this process.

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  4. We believe that helpful neighbors and engaged community members can help make all the difference for individuals and neighborhoods at large. If you believe there are further extenuating circumstances that should be considered in this application process, please describe them below. You may continue on the back of this application.

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  6. Any questions about this form can be directed to Dan Domsic at Fishers Parks & Recreation. Dan can be reached at (317) 595-3151 or by email at

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