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Banners ONLY Application

  1. Banners ONLY Requests must be submitted 6-weeks in advance but no more than 1 year in advance

    This application is for those who wish to request Banners ONLY. If you are requesting banners in association with a Special Event Permit Application you will be able to do so within that application. Please click the link below if you are applying for a Special Event Permit in addition to banners. If you ONLY want to apply for banners and will not be applying for a Special Event Permit please fill out this application.

  2. Questions

    Please contact the Community Development Department at (317) 595-3120.


  4. Is this a non-profit organization?*

  5. Banners may only be displayed for a maximum of two (2) weeks and must be removed 24 hours after the end of your event.

  6. For-profit entities may only request banners if they meet at least one of the following criterion: (1) holding an event that is completely free and open to the public, or; (2) providing 100% of any and all revenues from an event to a non-profit 501(c)(3) designated organization. As a for-profit, please explain how you meet one or both of these criterion.


  8. Do you want banners or signs on private property?*

    Must comply with chapter 158 of the City Code of Ordinances. If yes, please call the Community Development Office at (317) 595-3120.

  9. Agreement of Terms & Electronic Signature*

    By checking the box below and hitting submit you are acknowledging your agreement with the terms stated in this document and further certifying that checking the box counts as an electronic signature. Your electronic signature is considered legally binding the same as signing your physical signature by hand (IC 26-2-8).

  10. Questions

    Please contact the Community Development Department at (317) 595-3120.

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