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  1. 116 Street and Oak Drive Improvements
  2. Banners ONLY Application

    The City of Fishers has recently changed to the ViewPoint Cloud platform to manage and request city permits for Banners in the Right of... More…

  3. City Government Academy Registration

    The Fall 2018 session of the award winning Fishers City Government Academy (CGA) will begin on Tuesday, September at 6 p.m. at the... More…

  4. Economic Development Newsletter

    Complete this form to plug-in to the City of Fishers' economic development department's exciting news and happenings.

  5. Keep Fishers Beautiful - Neighborhood Blitz - Individual Project Needs' Certification

    The Keep Fishers Beautiful Neighborhood Blitz aims to strengthen overall neighborhood property values, pride, and community... More…

  6. Meeting Room & Facility Request

    This form is for those who would like to reserve a community facility. The City of Fishers is pleased to provide the members of our... More…

  7. Nickel Plate District Business Council Grant

    The Nickel Plate District Business Council Grant allows businesses affiliated with the Nickel Plate District Business Council to apply... More…

  8. Request the Mayor's Attendance at a Meeting or Event
  9. Special Event Permit Application

    This form will provide for issuance of special event permits to regulate events on the public streets, right-of-ways, parks, and public... More…

  1. Accessibility Ramp Request

    The Fishers Advisory Committee on Disability is partnering with Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development (HAND) and Habitat for... More…

  2. Board and Commission Application

    This application is for Fisher's Residents who would like to serve on a Board or Commission in the City of Fishers.

  3. Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant Application

    Fishers accepts applications for the Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant Program, which awards funds to neighborhoods,... More…

  4. Fishers Deferral Program Application
  5. Keep Fishers Beautiful Blitz Box Application
  6. Mental Health Initiative - Meeting Attendance
  7. Public Records Request

    This form is for citizens who wish to request public records from the City of Fishers.

  8. Spark!Fishers Interested Vendors 2019