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Has the public had an opportunity to learn more about these plans?
Community Development staff held six public open houses to gather feedback from the community on the Downtown 2030 Plan. The first of several open houses was held on December 10, 2012, to present the draft master plan to the community and receive valuable feedback from the public.

Planners discussed the proposed downtown master plan throughout the day. In addition to Community Development staff, the consultant teams were also available to answer questions. Additional open houses were held in January and February to gather more feedback from the community.

This valuable feedback is being compiled and analyzed by staff to help influence and improve the overall plan. Comments collected at these meetings are available online.

Community Development - Downtown Redevelopment

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1. Has the public had an opportunity to learn more about these plans?
2. If I was unable to attend the Open House, is there a way I can see the presentation?
3. Why did the council choose the site on the northwest corner of 116th Street and Municipal Drive as the first public-private partnership downtown project?
4. What is the project?
5. How did the Fishers select Flaherty & Collins to develop this project?
6. When will the Flaherty & Collins project start?
7. How much will the project cost?
8. Is the city paying for the entire project?
9. How much will the developer fund and how much will the city fund?
10. Where will people park who are coming to concerts at the Nickel Plate Amphitheater or who are going to the Fair Train?
11. Will there be a charge for parking in one of the public parking spaces in the garage?
12. Has there been consideration for the green space?