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File of Life Folder

"File of Life" Folders Now Available

The Fishers Department of Fire and Emergency Services is offering the citizens of Fishers a free and easy to use medical information form that can be kept on your refrigerator called the “File of Life.”
Used in an estimated 18 million homes, “File of Life” is a national program that allows those with medical issues to fill out a form with history, medicines, insurance information and emergency contacts and display it in a magnetic pouch in a visible location on their refrigerator. It provides important medical information to emergency responders which may be vital, especially when the patient is unable speak for themselves.
Fishers firefighters are trained to look for these folders on the refrigerator when responding on medical emergencies.  Each person staying in the house with medical information should have their own file.
To get your free “File of Life” form with magnetic pouch and window sticker, stop by our headquarter station, behind Fishers City Hall, on Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

Benefits to First Responders

  • Faster help for citizens in emergencies

  • Instantly know medical history of patient

  • Corrective treatment can begin at once

Benefits to Hospital Emergency Staff

  • On arrival, data is immediately available to medical staff

  • No wasted time getting information from confused patient

Benefits to Each Individual

  • Peace of mind knowing they will have prompt and quality care

  • Easy access to potentially life-saving information

  • Assurance that proper person will be notified quickly

Directions for using the File of Life

  • Fill out the medical card and be sure the information is accurate and legible. If necessary, have someone assist you

  • Use pencil to fill in the medications and the date on the card to allow future updates

  • When completed, place the file on the outside face of your refrigerator

  • Keep all medical data up to date

  • Whenever there is a change in medications or dosage, be sure to change it on your card and re-date the card

  • Take the file with you when you visit your doctor

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