Pay Online

Fishers Court

In order to pay online with a credit card, your violation must not require you to appear in court. If you attempt to pay by credit card and your case requires you to appear in person, your payment may be rejected and you may be called to appear in court to answer for contempt of court.

Fixed Fines & Costs

The fines and costs (PDF) are fixed by the Traffic Violations Bureau. You must pay the exact amount of fines and costs set and any late fee, if applicable. If you fail to pay the amount set, your payment may be rejected and your case set for hearing. You must pay the amount set in full. The court does not accept partial payments.

Seven-Day Wait Period

No payment will be accepted until seven days have passed since the ticket was written to ensure the court has processed the case. Please wait seven days after receiving your ticket before contacting the court for more information. This will allow the court staff enough time to receive and process your ticket and help give you the correct information.

Payments Due

Payment must be received before your court date; the initial hearing date is located at the bottom of your ticket.

Note: Do not attempt to pay online the day your ticket is due.

Paying Online

Convenience fees apply and are non-refundable. Paying by credit card in person will not reduce or eliminate the handling fees.

Fishers Utility Billing Department

Pay your sewer and/or stormwater bill online. Payments are administered by Invoice Cloud. Convenience fees apply and are non-refundable.Fishers sewer utility does not take HSE Utility payments.

Due to the credit card processing limit with our system, each payment has a $125 limit. Therefore, if you are paying a sewer or stormwater bill either online or over the phone, that is more than $125, you’ll have to complete multiple transactions until your balance is paid. Please note that each transaction will charge the associated processing fee ($1.95 online and $2.50 over the phone). 

Pay by phone:

  • Stormwater utility bill: 855-276-8118
  • Sewer utility bill: 855-499-0259

To avoid processing fees, you can mail a check to:

Fishers Sewer Utility
P.O. Box 426
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0426

Fishers Stormwater Utility:
P.O. Box 2365
Indianapolis, IN 46206-2365

Simply ensure you mail it with enough time to post to your account before the due date to avoid a 10% late penalty fee.

You can also bring a cash payment to the City Services Building located at 3 Municipal Drive, Fishers, IN 46038 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. If you should need any assistance or have any questions about your bill, please call 317-595-3140. 

Utility Start & Stop Requests

Please complete this form to start or stop your sewer or stormwater utilities, or change your billing address. You must fill out separate forms to start and stop utilities if you are moving within Fishers.

Fishers Fire & Emergency Services Billing

To pay your ambulance transport bill by credit card, please visit our payment portal.

Fishers Parks & Recreation Department

The Fishers Parks and Recreation Department accepts online credit card payments for its programs and events. Sorry, we do not accept American Express. Register for programs and events here. For questions concerning the registration process, please call 317-595-3150.