The Investigations Division provides primary investigations to the City of Fishers including criminal cases reported by the public along with intelligence analysis. The division is also responsible for operation of the property room, as well evidence collection and processing.

The mission of the Investigations Division continues to be the investigation of specific crimes, identifying the perpetrators and preparing cases for prosecution in a way that maintains the professional standards and expectations of a modern law enforcement organization.

The Criminal Intelligence (CI) section of the Investigations Division was reintegrated into an active status in 2013 and is currently staffed with one Lieutenant and a criminal intelligence analyst. Working directly under the Investigations Commander, the CI section performs multiple roles for the entire department and shares information within a network of surrounding agencies’ CI sections. The CI section performs detailed research and analysis of criminal intelligence, including analyzing data, writing reports, and developing links between criminals and crime groups or patterns of criminal activity. This analysis of this data assists with creating strategies for addressing policy issues.