Private Water Well

The Fishers Health Department facilitates all private water well permits and inspections for property owners within city limits. Submit your application at the button below to begin the online permit process. 

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Well Samples

Once a well is drilled or repaired it should be sampled to ensure a safe drinking water supply. The Fishers Health Department will sample the well using the Indiana State Health Department laboratory or applicants may use a state-certified laboratory for water sample analysis. For a list of Indiana Certified Drinking Water Laboratories, visit the Indiana State Health Department. This list of laboratories is merely provided as an information tool to assist individuals wanting to receive sampling information. The Fishers Health Department does not endorse one particular laboratory. Water samples from other certified laboratories that are not listed will be accepted by the Fishers Health Department.

Well Chlorination

Water samples occasionally return unsatisfactory and may require additional disinfection. Well chlorination procedures for drinking water supplies are available through the Fishers Health Department.

Abandoned Wells

Wells that are abandoned in Fishers, Indiana are also required to submit an IDNR abandonment log, which is recorded to the well permit and related parcel for future reference.  The Department of Natural Resources promulgated Rule 310 IAC 16-10-1 to provide guidance to the public in dealing with unused wells and proper abandonment. 

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding wells and safe water supplies, please feel free to contact the Fishers Health Department by email at or by phone at 317-567-5045.