Health & Safety

Mayor’s Recommendations for Individuals

  • Stay at home and limit contact with groups of people
  • Practice social distancing to reduce exposure in large groups
  • Offer help to the elderly, those with weakened immune systems
  • Practice good hygiene and hand washing
  • Stay at home (socially) if you are sick
  • Develop a plan for e-Learning, working from home, and child care
  • Reduce your exposure to others in your household 
  • First responders are prepared to handle these cases
  • If you have symptoms: 
    • Call your physician’s office before you visit their office or emergency room
    • Virtual screenings: 
    • Reduce your exposure to others in your household

Blood Donation

Blood donation is an essential service, like hospitals, grocers, pharmacies, energy and transportation infrastructure, that will remain in service as part of emergency preparedness plans. See the Blood Donation/Drive Fact Sheet for more info.

While blood donation appointments at Fishers Parks are currently full, the need is still great. Sign up to receive an email alert as additional blood donation appointments become available.

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Versiti Blood Center is also accepting Blood Donation Appointments at their Fishers location. Sign up for an appointment.

COVID-19 Scams

Find info about current scams related to COVID-19: